Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Zendaya inspired make-up look - chloescorner

I really enjoyed the last 'inspired' look I posted on the blog and since following her on instagram I have been in complete awe of Zendaya's make-up looks so I decided to recreate one of her many looks to share with you guys. Zendaya is slowly but surely becoming well-known for her amazing fashion sense and stunning make-up looks such as these ones here:

Utterly flawless!

With the Summer coming to an end (whether it even started in the UK is questionable) I decided to re-create a more Autumn appropriate look with warmer tones on both the eyes and lips like the ones in the photo below. Plus I think that the Cranberry/Purple tones used really emphasise Blue/Green eye colours.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold

Mac Pre-filled Eyes Eyeshadow Palette x9 in Burgandy Times Nine
Sleek Makeup Eye and Cheek Palette in See You At Midnight

I haven't included what I used for my base as I pretty much did the same steps as I did in my Cheryl inspired look (if you want the details for that then see them here on my previous post) although I made my eyebrows slightly thicker to mimic Zendaya's beautifully thick brows and bronzed up slightly more.
For my eye look I started by applying the Maybelline cream eyeshadow all over my lid as a base to ensure that the shadows used on top wouldn't crease - this also helps to make the colours appear bolder. I then applied the cranberry shade numbered one from my sleek palette all over my lid and to then create that darker purple haze that Zendaya has throughout her crease (in a sort of halo effect) I added the shade numbered 2 in my Mac palette to my crease, outer corner and slightly on the inner corner too. The slightly champagne-coloured shade in the Mac palette (the very first one) was then blended to the very inner corner of my eye and my brow bone just to make them pop. To make sure that the two main colours blended well I added a little of my Soap and Glory Solar Powder, I decided to blend this into the crease too to add a little more warmth to the overall look.

Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

I didn't have a shade quite as brown as Zendaya has used in her look but Velvet Teddy is a beautiful brown/pink nude none the less so I added this to my lips to complete the look.

I can never be serious, think the majority of the selfies I took ended like this - oops!

And there we have it, my Zendaya, Autumn inspired make-up look! I really hope you enjoyed the post. If you do try to recreate it then feel free to tag me in your photo's! my username for Twitter and Instagram is @chloecotgrave. If you have any future post suggestions or celebrity looks you'd like me to re-create then leave them in the comments.

All my love,
Chloe xo

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