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Gadget Gift Guide

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Apologies for the lack of posts these past couple of weeks but college and A-Levels seem to be taking over all of my spare time recently! I thought I would make up for that with a long awaited gadget gift guide to treat your friends and family this Christmas. So here are my top 8 gadget gifts!

1) I've already put this in my last post (Gifts for Him) although I thought it deserved another mention due to the great response I have heard from many owners...*drumroll* The Playstation 4. Great for any age (well obviously depending on game age ratings) or gender! Yes guys women play video games too.

2) Do you know someone needing a new mobile phone? Treat someone or even yourself this Christmas to the snazzy new Iphone 5c. With many different colours I personally think this would be a great gift for anybody! 

3) As a teenager I deal with spots and blemishes and know what a pain in the bum it is to deal with them. The Clarisonic Mia/Mia 2 would be the perfect gift for any self concious teenage girl who constantly covers up with make-up. Using this a couple of times a week (not too often just so that it doesn't harm the skin) would help to clean pores and result in healthier, clearer skin. Places such as House of Fraser and John Lewis stock the Clarisonic range within the UK.

4) So this gadget isn't any specific gadget because I do believe it's all down to preference with certain makes but we have recently been gifted a Blu-ray DVD player and are completely chuffed with the outcome. The picture on pretty much every blu-ray DVD is AMAZING.. no word of a lie! so I couldn't recommend this any more for an obsessive film watcher like myself!

5) For the little ones (or the big kids hahaha) in your family there is nothing better than a games console to keep them occupied on Christmas day. The Nintendo 3DS XL is sure to do just the job!

6) The new Kindle Paperwhite would be a great gift for anybody that enjoys to read a good book but would rather have them all in one convenient space and you can even read in the dark with the new back light technology! perfect!

7)  This one is for any man who likes to keep his beard and 'tash in pristine condition. I must admit its pretty expensive but the new technology that cools the skin after shaving makes splashing the cash that tad bit easier! The 'Braun °CoolTec Shaver CT5cc Wet & Dry Cordless electric shaver with active cooling technology and cleaning center'.

8) Last but not least every woman like to look after their lovely locks so what better way to do that than with the Panasonic Nanoe Hairdryer EH-NA65-K895. The first ever use of nanoe technology helps to keep the hair nourished by adding additional moisture resulting in smooth, shiny, healthy hair! 

And that's my list of gadgets! I hope this helped and I'm definitely going to attempt to post more frequently, maybe not my usual schedule, but a post non the less! Hope you're all having/have had a lovely day☺ 

Chloe x 

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