Monday, 25 November 2013

Gifts For Him

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Sorry for the lack of post's this weekend but I've had a bit of a busy 2 days! Here I am now finally sitting down to write this long awaited blog post. 

Are you struggling as much as I am with presents to buy for any man in your life? they are a tricky bunch! After a lot of looking around shops I think I have put together a pretty good line up for any budget.

Affordable Products:
1) Breaking Bad Box Set - Series 1-4 £32.00 on Amazon I myself have not watched the Breaking Bad tv series although this would be perfect for those who do or are interested in starting to. I have heard many good reviews and for that price why say no?
2) Lynx Apollo Duo - £6.00 Boots. Good ol' Lynx has been around for ages and is an iconic deodorant for men so why not treat whoever you have in mind to one of the Lynx Christmas gift sets from Boots?
3) James Bond 007 Eau de Toilette 30ml Gift Set - £19.50 Boots. A decent price for quite a lovely, musky scent.
4) Socks. Every man needs new socks every now and then and I personally think they're a good and practical stocking filler for any ages.

Luxury Products:
(the first two are very 'Luxe' although I decided to include it because it's what I honestly think any guy/boy would be thankful to recieve!)
1) Xbox One with Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Despicable Me 2, The Wolverine & Man of Steel BluRays - £644.93 Game. I'm not much of a gamer so much of this means nothing to me however I know that the new Xbox is on many men's Christmas wishlists and for what you get in this little bundle I think the price is a bit of a bargain!
2) PlayStation 4 with Killzone Shadow Fall, LEGO Marvel SuperHeroes, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals & Call of Duty - £604.94 Game. Not an Xbox kinda guy? no worries because the preorder for the brand new Playstation is available! With 6 games how could you possibly say no?
3) Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette 50ml Gift Set - £39.50 Boots. A delicious scent and a great price, what more could you possibly want?
4) Whether it's your Dad, Cousin, Boyfriend etc I'm sure they would be grateful to receive a cosy and stylish hoodie for the up coming winter! such as this Superdry hoodie £49.99 Superdry.

I found this quite the challenge seen as though the only male I have to buy for is my Dad but I do hope that I have chose something for everyone or at least given you readers some ideas! I will hopefully be blogging regularly this weekend coming up and maybe to make up for my absence this past weekend I will post a few during the week! 

Thank you for reading! Any thoughts or tips do feel free to comment or even tweet me @chloecotgrave 

Chloe x

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