Friday, 28 August 2015

Monday's girly day out OOTD/N - chloescorner

My Mum and Dad both have two weeks off work and with me only being part time I had some time off too and could think of no better way to spend it than a girly catch-up, food filled, shopping day with my Moma Bear in Manchester. We also headed out later that night, me my Mum and Dad, with family friends for a little pub lunch (well technically it was teatime but 'lunch' sounded a lot better lets be honest here). I was treated to a new pair of jeans and a shirt off my Mum for my exam results - She's a star! So I decided to wear them for the meal and if you don't take pictures of it, did you like, even wear it? hahaha. I thought I'd share my OOTD/N and FOTD/N - including some arty farty shots of some of the products worn, oooh la la! Enjoy lovely readers.

I'm a complete Pizza fiend! Mozzarella topped Garlic Bread and a Meat Feast Pizza with a BBQ Base - My mouth is honestly watering whilst staring at these photographs.

- NYX eyeshadow palette. This was a christmas gift last year so I'm sorry but I have no clue where its from!
- Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition in Personne ne Rouge
- Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish

Super posey and in need of my eyebrows being waxed - ah the struggles of being female! I just went for a simple brown smokey eye, my signature feline flick also known as eyeliner, a bright red lip and super highlighted cheekbones.

 I hope you enjoyed the post! It was nice to play around with my camera which I don't do often enough for a post photography student, tut tut! I'm still learning as I go along. Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment as always!

All my love,
Chloe xo

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