Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Festival Inspired - chloescorner

With summer (well you wouldn't think it with the typical English weather) in full swing and it currently being the festival season I decided to trawl the internet and put together what I would ideally wear to a festival and a few bits of hassle free make-up that I would take with me also.

Floral Dress - Light and airy, completely fuss free and effortlessly chic.
White Knee High Socks - Added comfort.
BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser - That little bit of light coverage (you can see a pattern forming here) that is easy to apply - no brushes needed! 
Cream Blush - Once again fuss free and just adds the prettiest flush to your cheeks. It could easily double up as a tint for your lips too.   
Hooded Rain Mac - With English weather being so unpredictable its best to keep a jacket handy and this clear mac would ensure that the main focus of the dress isn't detracted.
Wellies - A must have for any festival. Have you seen the pictures from Parklife? my point exactly. I would rather not get my trainers full of mud thankyou! 

Other things I would consider taking with me would be: 1) Sun Cream. Even if the sun isn't shining its best to be protected from those UV rays. 2) Baby Wipes - Port-a-potties aren't exactly the cleanest of places and most probably won't have toilet roll. If its a festival that covers a few days showers will be very few and far between, disgusting I know, but a quick freshen up with baby wipes won't hurt. 3) Hand Sanitizer. Pretty self explanatory. 4) Waterproof Mascara - longer lasting and holds a curl very well so won't sweat off. 5) Dry Shampoo - along with my point about the lack of showering this is sure to take its toll on your hair. Spritzing this along the roots will help to instantly freshen up your locks although if all fails braids are your bestfriend! 

So this is my take on festival fashion! Are any of you attending any festivals this summer? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

All my love,
Chloe xo 

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