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'Where Rainbows End' The Review - chloescorner

So it started with a friends suggestion, followed by an amazing film adaptation; 'Love, Rosie'. I really don't believe in watching a film before reading the original source - In my opinion films tend to miss out the majority of the intricate details (which, fair enough has to happen for it to reach a time frame) which create a beautifully written novel. Despite this belief I went out on a whim (With Sam Claflin and Lily Collins being two of my favourite actors I couldn't resist!) to watch 'Love, Rosie' unbeknownst that this was the film version of the book 'Where Rainbows Ends' with an entirely different title. Although I was a little disappointed at the time, once I had read the book I can honestly say that they captured the majority of it better than I could've expected. I whole-heartedly recommend any hopeless romantic to both read the book and watch the film, they won't disappoint!

Ahern captures the possible blossoming relationship between childhood bestfriends Rosie and Alex charmingly. Torn apart during their teen years due to Alex's sudden move to Boston, the two friends keep in touch all the way to late adulthood through letters, emails and text messages. I have to admit I initially found it quite difficult to get to grasp with the flitting point of views and conversational form but once I had got through the first few chapters I was totally hooked. I was expecting it to follow true Romantic Comedy form where every twist and turn is utterly predictable although I genuinely didn't expect half of the obstacles that the two characters faced; from an unexpected teen pregnancy to many new love interests, the characters surely face a roller-coaster journey throughout their friendship.

This book made me laugh hysterically (out loud many a time much to my embarrassment) and cry like a complete baby (again, much to my embarrassment). The novel as a whole really allowed me to connect with the characters - the constant ups and downs that the characters faced were completely relatable to everyday life which engaged me so much that I struggled to put the book down and once I had finished it I was actually upset that it had come to an end.

Since reading 'Where Rainbows End' I have purchased more of Cecilia Ahern's books (I have quite the collection!) because I really love her writing style and the fuzzy feeling her touching tales give me as a reader. Of the other books I bought I've recently started to read 'P.s. I Love you', which is another film I hadn't realised was originally a book, and was even more surprised to find out that it was written by Ahern. So far so good! Alike the other book I'm struggling to put it down.

What books have you loved? Have you read this book and if so what did you think? I'd love to see your suggestions and opinions in the comments.

All my love,
Chloe xo

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