Sunday, 12 July 2015

Getting back into the swing of things - chloescorner

I started this little blog almost two years ago with the mindset that I would post consistently and post material that I could be proud of. After the first few posts - in true Chloe style - the efforts dwindled and here I am two years later picking up the pieces from where I left off.
I think I got into the mentality of "well what's the point? nobody is going to want to read what a random 16 year old has to say" but having reflected on this I now honestly couldn't care less if I'm sharing content with one reader (Hi Mum! haha) or 100 readers, if my posts, advice and opinions could help anyone in the slightest then that is truly the only thing that matters to me.

So what do I intend to post about? 1) Make-up - a lot of make-up. I'm a huge make-up enthusiast so whether its looks I have created, tutorials I want to share, amazing/disappointing product reviews - you can always rely on this blog to provide this content. 2) Fashion. I'm recently beginning to understand the importance of dressing to my shape to achieve the full potential for the clothes I wear. With this in mind I'm hoping to post OOTD/N's (outfit of the day/nights), monthly edits or wishlists from stores that I'm loving at that specific moment in time and possibly even the odd haul - although I'm not exactly rolling in money so these will be very few and far between haha. 3) Recipes, fitness, lifestyle/personal posts, restaurant visits and trips out with friends and family. I honestly intend to share as much as I can (well within reason haha).

So if you are new here then Hello! I hope you decide to stick around, and if you are an older (maybe not age wise but you get the drift) reader returning to my little corner of the internet then welcome back. I promise not to desert you so abruptly again! I'm open-minded if not grateful for any suggestions you may have for future posts, just leave them in the comments!

All my love,
Chloe xo

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