Saturday, 2 November 2013

Chloe Alice Cotgrave.

Who is Chloe Alice Cotgrave?
A 16 year old (very nearly 17) Mancunian teenager, expressing her beauty/fashion/photography interests in a way which she hopes will inspire and/or help those that take the time to read her first ever blog.

Hahaha enough of talking in the third person! I have always been inspired by the female beauty guru's such as Zoella aka Zoe (, SprinkleofGlitter aka Louise ( and Tanya Burr ( and their Youtube channels/personal blogs. These women, along with many other's, have adapted and created my HUGE pasion for make-up, clothes and photography which I wanted to share within an internet community. As much as I would L-O-V-E to start my own YouTube channel I just lack the confidence and funding to pursue that right now however blogging I believe is the first baby step into putting myself and what I have to offer out there into the open. 

I've been putting this off for what seems like ages but a few of my friends have finally convinced me to do it! So here it is... finally! And this is the first awkward and (hopefully not) cheesy part completely out of the way. I am hoping to post at least once a week although as I am a college student that is not always guaranteed. I hope you look forward to seeing a little more of me, my passions and general hectic lifestyle!

All my love,
Chloe x

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