Tuesday, 20 September 2016

High street Dupes for the Chloe bag - chloescorner

The Chloe Faye bag is beautiful: 

Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag Link

If money wasn't a problem omg, I'd have them in every single colour but *sigh* at over £1000 pound a pop a girl just gotta dream... Although if you, like me, have an eye for this stunning accessory I have found some pretty convincing dupes that'll look just as stylish yet save you a hell of a lotta dosh!


Thread Through Clutch Bag Tan Link

CAN YOU SEE THE SIMILARITIES?! It is literally almost identical although Missguided has added the snakeskin/crocodile print material to the flap rather than the smooth and sleek one that the Chloe bag has to offer. £25 for this little beaut will save you a massive £1255 on the originals price. Whatta steal! It also comes in black - Link

MANGO - (find image)

Again, a pretty decent dupe. Slightly smaller in size, a suede finish and a little accent detail with the Pearlescent clasp - A sophisticated twist on the original that just adds that little bit of uniqueness. At only £35.99 it'll save you £1244.01 - ridiculous! this also comes in beige and black although both are currently out've stock so just keep your beady eye open for their re-stock and snap them up quick!


Tan Leather Look Satchel - Link

Not Entirely the same - The satchel size is quite a bit bigger than the Chloe Faye although its very very clear to me that this is Chloe-esqe with the circle accent on the clasp and the flap closing. This bag is an utter bargain at £22.99 and even better news? it comes in both Burgundy and Dark Green for more of a autumn/winter spin. Oh and you save yourself £1257.01... just sayin'.

Black Velvet Chain Shoulder Bag - Link

Velvet is a huge A/W trend so this spin on the Chloe bag is gorgeous! Again with the clasp, you can see the nod to our splashy original although slightly smaller. And at £17.99 you cannot grumble at all! And with a whopping £1262.01 difference I know what my choice would certainly be!

 H&M - 
Shoulder Bag - Link

I LOOOOVE this dupe. Its effortlessly glam and the colour is bang on trend! Again, like the rest, you can see the inspiration taken from the original although the snakeskin flap adds a little bit of edge and a unique twist. £29.99, saving you £1250.01. You;d be crazy to miss out on a deal like that!

And there you have it guys and dolls! My style-steal Dupes of the incredible Chloe Faye Bag. I hope you liked the post, I definitely had fun making it! Let me know which is your fave or if you plan on grabbing any of these bargains for yourself!

All my love,

Chloe xo

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  1. Amazing.. they are such good dupes! I am loving your blog too by the way, keep up your amazing work pretty lady.. you should be so proud! x