Monday, 5 September 2016

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Well hello guys! Here I am as promised with my first 'proper' post since my return and its a biggie. Grab a cuppa, grab some biscuits and bare with the waffle!

So this time last year I'd pretty much decided that University just wasn't for me at all. I'd had a shit time in the last year of college, not because of the people I got to spend time with - you guy da bestest, but because I'd just lost all motivation with my courses. My Fine Art teacher was an arse and absolutely despised me, and I can say that as the end of the year got closer the feeling was highly mutual. I LOVED to draw (and still do tbh) but she honestly made me want to snap my pencils in half and rip my work to shreds. Photography was just stressful. The constant deadlines and the impossibility of impressing the tutors demotivated me incredibly. And with English Lit I just didn't put in the effort... I never read the books fully and my essays were always rushed. I think in my head that because I was quite academic anyway I could just sail through the course without trying. How I managed decent grades is beyond me! The pressure put on us to apply to uni's every-single-day was stupidly overwhelming for someone who didn't know what she wanted to do in the future so in the end I just wrote off the idea completely.

A year later - a whole year of pretty much full time work and having time to gather up my ideas of what I wanted for my future. A whole year of watching my best friends begin to make something of themselves and have a bloody ball in the meantime - now I'm here. 2 weeks from flying my home comforts in Manchester to take on a new adventure in nowhere other than LEEDS!

Come the 17th/18th of September I will be moving the contents of my life to my brand new little flat at Leeds Trinity University. Come the 19th of September I will be attending my first ever Psychology 'lecture' - okay maybe it'll be more of a talk but still!

Why did I choose Psych? Let me enlighten you. I did Psychology at As level at college and absolutely loved the subject and not to toot my own horn but I was actually really good at it but yet another bad teacher/student relationship lead to me dropping the course - in hind sight I now realise how much of a stupid idea that was but never mind, we live and learn! Working within retail for the past two years has made me realise how little passion I had for my job and how important it is for me to love what I do - with psychology I know that this will be the complete opposite.

Soooo yeah! this is actually happening... my stubborn mind has finally changed (thank the lord) and I'm now enjoying my last few weeks with my colleagues, friends and family. As sad and nervous this may be making me feel right now I'm really looking forward to a fresh start.

I hope you stuck with me and this ramble didn't bore you to tears and most importantly I hope you're looking forward to me documenting my journey to and through uni life - I'll be sure to keep you posted☺️ I'll see you lovely lot for another blog post tomorrow! I'll give you a bit of a clue - Sun, Sea, Sand and a cheeky alcoholic beverage... or 10.

All my love,

Chloe xo

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