Sunday, 11 September 2016

My future blogging goals - chloescorner

For my very last post of the week (I still can't believe I kept that up, minus yesterdays blip haha) I thought I would share with you where I aim to get with my little corner of the internet in years to come.

1) Finding my feet and making content that not only my readers love, but content that I love myself. I never want to feel the need to post things just for views.

2) Create some form of a schedule - set certain days of the week to post so that people know when to expect them.

3) Challenge myself! Get out've my comfort zone and make content that I'm happy with - for example: I eventually want to do some fashion posts containing photos of the clothes actually on so that people can see how they look on an actual body because lets be honest that sometimes makes all the difference to loving/hating an item of clothing.

4) Save up to buy a decent compact camera. I LOVE my DSLR but sometimes having to carry that and all of the equipment it comes with can be more effort than it's actually worth. I eventually want to have a smaller camera that has the capability and captures the same amount of detail as my DSLR but in a far smaller package!

5) Attempting to make blogging a little job on the side - as a student a little more income never hurt nobody. It'll definitely come in handy on days that regular wage just ain't making the stretch!

Source of photo: Pinterest.

I have big goals and aspirations in life in general. This blog is just the beginning and I hope for it to blossom and grow with me.

All my love,

Chloe xo

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