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My top 5 LeanIn15 book 1 recipes - chloescorner

Happy fri-yay you lovely lot! hope you've all had a good day. In an attempt to be healthier, as a family, we've been following the recipes in Joe Wicks' (aka The Body Coach) first and second Lean in 15 books. I thought I'd share my top 5 recommendations with you guys for today's blog post!

Recommendation Numero Uno - Turkey Meatballs with Feta (page 93)

We loooove these meatballs *heart eye emoji*. In his book these are under the 'low carb' options which is suggested if you're having a rest day although we find them ever so versatile as you can easily add spaghetti or pasta to make it slightly more carb dense and filling yet just as bloody tasty.

Recommendation Numero Dos - Joes Chicken Pie (page 98)

This recipe is made to serve four so in my little family of three we normally have a leftover portion which is just as tasty for the next days tea/dinner warmed up! just make sure you store it in the fridge. Another incredible recipe from Mr Wicks - Creamy chicken with mushrooms and spinach topped with filo pastry. Quick, easy and tastes amazing.

Recommendation Numero Très - Mighty Duck Noodles (page 134)

Omg I cannot even begin to explain how much this recipe blew me away. It tastes just like a Chinese takeaway but so so much better for you and doesn't leave you with that horrible bloated/'I feel sick' feeling afterwards. To say its healthy it doesn't lack in flavour - I honestly think this has been one of my favourites over the whole couple of months. We've made it on numerous occasions and even made it with meat substitutions such as chicken and beef and it was still just as good!

Recommendation Numero Quatro - Joe's Sweet Potato Cottage Pie (page 163)

Cottage pie with a healthier, and in my opinion much more yummy twist. I've found a love for sweet potatoes since starting to adapt my nutrition so this recipe was a no-brainer and a must try. The use of Worcestershire sauce in this makes it mouth wateringly good and just makes your standard cottage pie that little bit more interesting.

Last but not least, Recommendation Numero Cinco - Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry (page 154)

Another takeaway favourite made healthy - mmmm. I honestly would prefer to prepare this over buying its unhealthy substitute I find it so much more satisfying - he definitely doesn't skimp on the flavour thats for sure!

So there we have it - My top 5. I could've picked so many more to share with you but in all honesty I just think you should all go out and grab the book - I couldn't recommend it enough! I've loved eating and preparing the meals every night, mostly along side my mum although sometimes I've dabled and made it alone. I have to say its improved my simple cooking skills by a mile and I definitely won't be eating boring, unhealthy or bland food at Uni!

Let me know if you've tried this book and what your favourite recipes are!

All my love,

Chloe xo

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